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The abstract is mandatory, and completed online when registering the project, in a distinct field. Content may be changed until October 01th, 2019. It is a tool for Judgment, so it must be written by the author concisely and objectively, consisting of:

a) the purpose of the project or experiment conducted;

b) the procedures used;

c) observations / data / results

d) conclusions / applications

The content of the abstract should cover exclusively the project developed in the year preceding the fair, be prepared in a single paragraph and have 250 to 500 words. 

Keywords: are terms that represent the subject matter, highlighting the main ideas of the project.

The abstracts of MOSTRATEC finalists are published after the fair. The organization of the event is responsible to organize and publish the abstracts. 

Tips for a good abstract

  • Focus only on the current year's research, when it is a continuation of project .
  • Do not mention any name mentors / supervisors or institutions in your abstract. 
  • Omit details and discussions.
  • Use the past tense to describe the actions performed.
  • Use short sentences, but vary sentence structure.
  • Use complete sentences (do not abbreviate omitting articles or other small words in order to save space).
  • Use appropriate scientific language.
  • Correct spelling, grammar, punctuation and agreement.