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Brazilian Science and Technological Fair

International Science and Technological Fair

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Before starting your research study, it is important to read carefully MOSTRATEC Research Rulest in order to conduct and present your study as well as to exhibit your project.

All the participants will obligatory have to send several forms which contain a detailed description of the research project. The forms are: Checklist for Adult Sponsor (1), Student Checklist (1A), the Research Plan, Approval Form (1B) and Rules of Conduct and Release  are obligatory for all participants, supplemented by other forms that may be required according to type of your research.

* The Research Plan and Form 1A are completed and sent online along with the Registration. Guidelines to complete the Research Plan click on: Resarch Plan.
* The other forms, related to the research, must be scanned and sent through email:

One (01) copy of the Research Paper must be submitted to SRC (Scientific Review Committee) at the accreditating desk and one (01) copy MUST be available at the booth as weel as the Project Data Book.